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So till this day..for me this one of the most dramatic and tense scenes Barbie Entertainment has made with "Evil" character.Gothel will always stay in my memory as a character who i was afraid all of my childhood.Especially in this scene,in the part when she says "Maybe I'm not making myself clear! While kind of screaming in a way..I was so afraid for Rapunzel..and ps: as an artist myself I would have been so pissed if someone did that to my art work.😂😨💔 #barbie #barbiechildhood #barbieasrapunzel #rapunzel #vhs #cassette #yourstoownonvideo #2002 #memories 💗

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Menceritakan tentang petualangan beberapa hewan prasejarah yang berlatar belakang zaman es, zaman yang sangat jauh sebelum zaman kini. Ada Sid yang merupakan seekor kungkang ceroboh yang hendak bermigrasi ke arah selatan untuk menghindari zaman es. Sid sendirian karena telah ditinggal pergi keluarganya dan memutuskan untuk melanjutkan perjalanannya sendiri. Di perjalanan, ia diserang oleh dua Brontops, yang ia buat marah. Namun untungnya, Sid diselamatkan oleh Manny, seekor mamut besar yang mengalahkan kedua Brontops saat hendak bermigrasi ke arah utara. Sadar bahwa dirinya tak aman sendirian, Sid kemudian memutuskan untuk mengikuti Manny bermigrasi ke arah utara. Perjalanan mereka pun dimulai. Saksikan selengkapnya hanya di ICE AGE. Judul : Ice Age Tahun : 2002 Genre : Animation | Adventure | Comedy | Family | Fantasy Sutradara : Chris Wedge | Carlos Saldanha (co) Ide Cerita : Michael J Wilson Skenario : Michael Berg | Michael J Wilson | Peter Ackerman Durasi : 1 jam 21 menit


And I love who I want to love cause this love is gender free I'm okay with not being perfect, cause that's perfect to me ✨❤️ @annemarie @ Camden roundhouse Music 4 mental health #annemarie #annemarielife #perfect #perfecttome #2002 #whole #iamwhole #camdenroundhouse #music4mentalhealth


After tryna figure out wtf was up with her, finally figured out the throttle body needed to be replaced. Got a base tune from @houstonhouseofpower and she’s idling on her own now and is so close to being drivable!! Only a matter of time and money! #2002 #transam #pontiac #firehawk #comingsoon #stillslow


Lançado em 2018, #2002 de Anne Marie, ultrapassou 300 MILHÕES de streams no Spotify e 200 MILHÕES de Views no YouTube.


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A Rush Of Blood To The Head by Coldplay (2002) 🕰 Barnes & Noble exclusive white.


#brainwashed #2002 @georgeharrisonofficial #16anniversary https://open.spotify.com/album/2VFLjY1S0D8nKml6nlU2MD


Celebrando 12 años de amistad, grandes personalidades juntas son mejores ((: A&R #20022018