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Captain America/Steve Rogers Imagine • (Y/n's pov) Taking a deep breath, I knocked thrice on the door of my friend, Steve's, apartment. After years of silently liking eachother, he finally mustered up the courage to ask me to dinner, with the help of a few of the Avengers so I've been told. My wandering trail of thoughts was cut short by the opening of the painted door before me, revealing a well-dressed man behind it. We both smiled instantly the moment our gazes landed on eachother. "Hey," he greeted. "Hi." Then a silence filled the air as we just stood there. I drew my eyes away from his, a sudden nervousness settling in my chest. After a while, I glanced up to find him still staring at me, an endearing look upon his features. "A-are you going to let me in?" I questioned softly, feeling my cheeks heat up. He visibly snapped out of his trance. "O-oh! Yeah, sorry... Come in." He stepped aside, holding the door open. I walked in, and as my back was turned to him, he facepalmed


MARVEL IMAGINE You worked with SHEILD for a while now. Everyday was the same thing. No one really trusted you to do the big things because you were mutant. You were judged right from the start. You sighed looking at your computer. The best they could give you was a desk job. Which was nice. It wasn't all bad. You got to see some of the avengers now and then. Only one really caught your eye. And that was Steve Rodgers. He walked onto your floor level with two coffees and a smile on his face. You sighed. He was probably bringing the coffee to some girl he likes. Defiantly not you. You hear your name whispered to one of your co workers and you look up. To your surprise Steve is by one and the co worker is pointing to your desk. You tilt your head confused. But snap back to your work. No your imaginging things y/n you scold yourself and shake your head. Minutes later you feel a small tap on your arm and you groan and look up. " y/n I thought you would be happy to see me " Steve chuckles