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16mm KODAK Vision3 7219 (500T)


Why mumble my lyrics If you won’t hear it It’s meant for those Whose thoughts are coherent Claim it’s a No fly zone But I still got the clearance. 🎤⚡️🔥⚡️🎤. @chessmovesonly


Too much talent in this picture. Watch your back Old Gen Nollywood. @officialtsaint you were bang on with ‘This is Lagos’. Job well done my dude, as we’re you- @barnyee. If you haven’t seen This is Lagos, I suggest you give it a look. Looking forward to working with everyone in this picture (including other talented filmmakers and actors) I met. Cheers @afriff . You kept it real. #filmmakers #afriff #afriff2018


Countless people have built a life in this state, whether it be through crew work, acting jobs, or opening doors to a new studio. Let’s keep it alive. As Stacey said, please don’t #boycottgeorgia. Support #fairfightga.


In a new chat with The Movie Crypt Podcast (via Entertainment Weekly), John Hyams gave another update on his upcoming MANIAC COP remake, specifically addressing the tone he is going for. “It will be a completely different thing tonally,” Hyams told the program. Obviously the horror community is split between pro and anti remakes, but we'll see how this one pans out. To us it sounds like an interesting approach. Thoughts? Source: https://ew.com/movies/2018/11/19/maniac-cop-remake-different-tone/ #maniaccop #horror #horrornerd #horrorfilm #horrormovies #horrorremakes #morehorror #horrorfamily #actresses #actors #directors #filmmakers #movieproducers #movieproduction #horrornews #horrormovienews


Here’s a little sample from Episode 1! Stream now from your favorite service for in depth filmmaking discussion from the self-made production perspective.

Houston, Texas

@chrisluong making movie magic on @rosarxproductions and @dannybernal’s short film.

Los Angeles, California

A riveting moment in the short film, Enrapture by partner and director, Jovanni Santos. An interview with him on his first feature on @amazonprimevideo with the great @maxeegram will be presented shortly! Follow 👉 @rainbowsaladstudios Follow 👉 @giojov official You can discover more of Jovanni's work and book his services as a director or cinematographer on our official website at www.rainbowsaladstudios.com He can direct and shoot your shorts, music videos, and commercials! #follow #book # #films #filmmakers #experimentalfilmmakers #shortfilms #artist #rainbowsalad #rainbowsaladstudios #shortfilms #hollywood #la #hire #business #studio #greenlightadfw #jovannisantos #indiefilm

Dallas, Texas

Here are some production shots from our two days filming with @wmreengage - Over 12 couples with amazing stories of how they have not just salvaged, but unified and strengthened their marriages. Now, they get a chance to lead others who would love to see the same enthusiasm and joy in their marriage. Shot out to @mryannixon @scox117 @robertgreentx and Karen for such great communication and prep work with your leaders we talked to. This was a lot of fun! Slashcam pic of my big head and mouth open by: @jordanbrookz #watermarkarts #filmmaking #filmmakers #setlife #marriage #marriagerecovery #divorce #reengage #sonyfs7 #marriagecounseling #kinoflolightingsystems #kinoflo #sennheiser #interiordesign #marriagehelp


. Film Crew by @ezzelarab official 🎥🎥 JOIN OUR 1st VELVET Photo #contest WIN an incredible @velvetlight bundle: 1 VELVET Light 1 panel #ip54 #🔲 ➕1 PSU + ➕1 Vlock + ➕1 Bag 🎥🎥 MORE INFO: link in BIO #velvetlight

Islote, Puerto Rico

Cada Generación necesita narrar de nuevo a Puerto Rico somos la nueva cepa y venimos con muchas fuerzas! 🇵🇷 #puertorico #cinematography #cinematographer #sonyalpha #filmindustry #filmmakers #videoedits #videographer #videoediting #islote


oh... hi! I didn't forget about you and I would love to share more moments here. I am being honest with you as I know I am not the only one struggling with the own path - path of life, purpose, faith or whatsoever it is called these days. After years of studying and school this period is about to end in a few months (fingers crossed). I am so used to work next to school, that I am overwhelmed by the thought of time I will have. And the opportunity to freely choose what I wanna do. So I am a little absorbed by my thoughts of future. Don't get me wrong - the thoughts are bright and shining. just maybe a little to bright - can't even recognize an outer line. Ha! Well. See ya and thanks

Los Angeles, California

Can someone please explain how you even pronounce this abomination?