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Today was a sad morning that turned into a beautiful reflection of myself. I woke up, grabbed my favorite sun dress and realized the side zipper wouldn’t close all the way up. Yes, I panicked. I ran to the the mirror and immediately told myself I was “too fat” to wear this dress. “I shouldn’t of ate those cookies the night before” “I shouldn’t of skip cardio” “I was just not working hard enough” etc etc. I took a step back and really analyze the situation. I was beating myself up! I needed to stop and substitute all these negative thoughts with positive ones. “I am working towards building a better physique” “I deserved those cookies, because at the end of the day I work hard enough and life is about balance.” “I listened to my body; I needed to rest.” “I am capable to do whatever I set my mind to”At the end of the day it’s all about loving your body and I respect it by exercising frequently. Nourish it by drinking enough water and a balance


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I just want to thank God, for changing my life for the better. I know and hope he can change yours also, peace and love to the world. 🦋👏🏽🖤 @urbangritdallas

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Thats the look of ❤️ 📷 @sammi demiris


Is it bad that I’m already looking forward to deadlifts tomorrow? #deadlifts #legday #satisfying #thosefeels #myfavorite #clotheson #iloveit #gymmemes


"This year I'm going to bulk clean so I don't have to cut so much down the road."

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Buckle up for this ride guys it’s a true story •••••••••••••••• @drunkest rick •• • • • • • #rick #drunk #drunkmemes #rickandmorty #rickandmortymemes #ricksanchez #morty #szechuansauce #ricksanchez #firememes #rickandmortymeme #rickandmortyfans #dankmemes #hotmemes #schwifty •••••••••••••••• #tiktok #drake #gymmemes #fitness #donaldtrump #childhoodruined #spookymemes


One of my only pictures in that age. In 1983 when I was 15 years old, in that house I started weight training. I have never stopped since then. I remember I begged my father to buy me a bench with a barbell and dumbbell. I start using the Weider system that I purchased almost 4 decades ago, I also purchased Encyclopedia of Arnold Schwarzenegger, then I start studying about Frank Zane Lou Ferrigno Franco Columbo, ultimately Master the Weider system in a very young age, by the time I was 21 years old I was already in it for 6 years, actually training people. I knew it from the first day when I put my hands around that bar, this was something that I will do for the rest of my life. But I never ever thought in my wildest dreams that I will end up being the top trainer for three of the largest Fitness organization in the United States, training professional athletes celebrities fitness models and professional trainers. But I did know one thing immediately that I wanted to learn


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Chest press my way to gains


What is that gives you asmile in your face? ,is it coz your alive,is coz your healthy, or no more stress of something used to troubles you - yes they are thousand reason for you to smile everyday but today ilearn the good reason for smile in my face is to see other people enjoy the life we all are living, true life for other people might not be lucky like your life,some people always face rough life and some starve no food,others young age kid with no parents and are in street hustling for there life,others no home. What always give smile and happiness is when at list isee my neighbor and people are around me have something to make there face to shine, -atrue smile you can havesmile is when you share your happiness, -true happy you can be is when you may do something good toward people,you can share whatever you have isn't must money,but anything which may make them happy, - atrue happiness is not for one person is for all people, if you can find happiness when you do help others


💪🏼 Upper-Body Mass Builders 💪🏼 - Credit: @smurray 32 - Double tap and tag a friend! - Try these workouts. Aim for 10-12 reps with 4 sets per muscle group. The last set can be a drop-set.