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I’m invited to so many parties. Six so far and I’ve been to three of them and I’m going to one today but my mum won’t let me go to the other two bc it’s too many parties n too many gifts. And I’m invited to a party where my three best friends r doing a joint one but I’m on holidays which is chill but ugh 😂💘💘 - @kenzie #selfiesforkz #kenzieziegler #kenzedits #kenzieedits #brynzie #mandla #equality #love .


OK so im going to make an iconic 7 part edit but im missing 1 part so tell me who to add 🤪 ( its an all girls edit btw but nothing against my men😔😔) - annie -kenzie -maddie -nadia -lauren -jayden -?? #annieleblanc #kenzieziegler #maddieziegler #jaydenbartels #nadiaturner #laurenorlando clout🤠🤠


welcome to round three!! congrats to blue team for winning the last round again💙 this weeks theme is: soft/aesthetic!💗and this is who you’ll be editing; blue team💙: emily skinner yellow team💛: hayley leblanc purple team💜: nadia turner for this round, you can make your edit look slower and add overlays if you want! DUE: 22ND NOVEMBER! good luck guys, omg this is the second to last round wow😂😍 • #zieglers #dancemoms #dancemoms1 #dancemoms2 #aldcla #aldc #dancer #muser #selfiesforlolo #selfiesforjvo #laurenorlando #nadiaturner #rubyroseturner #kenzieziegler #annieleblanc #haydensummerall #arianagrande #selenagomez #hannie #jenzie #jadia #lenzie #jaddie #edits #multifandom #omgpage #nilllie #milliebobbybrown #noahschnapp #liliabuckingham

Annie Leblanc

“FOLLOW @DARLINGXJAY FOR MORE!” Title: Stay Together ( forever ) Characters: 1. Jayden Bartels- 15 2.Annie Leblanc- 15 3. Kenzie Ziegler- 15 4. Carson Lueders-17 5. Hayden Summerall-16 6.Johnny Orlando-16 / and a few side|background characters \ Setting: ANYWHERE A new student came from the academy called “ Royal Academy” it sounds like its only a school for Prince and Princess’ but its a school for everyone The new student is “ Amilia Roberts “ ( annie leblanc ) She is 15 years old and she just moved from Maryland to LA. She was new and didn’t know where to start should she make a friend or just focus on studying? < THIS IS JUST AN INTRO SO ITS NOT THE FIRST PART > About Amilia : Amilia is a straight A student she passes all her exams and she is even good in sports especially gymnastics. She Came From A Very Rich Family Called The “Robertos” or was Later Changed To “Roberts” Her Favorite Thing To


i want to move to a new home


She’s the cutest omf I have nothing to say but I don’t want my caption to be really short 😂😂 - - - ac • idk my friend sent it to me dt • Annie & her stans? Idk ib • me cc • @vscoloring


I am so tired right now. I didn’t sleep all night, than dance class and now I am on my way back and I can literally feel my under eyes, it is so cold in Germany and yeah I hate winter


deleted scene from high school musical @kenzie


Ship or dip???? - #kenzieziegler #kashton #ashtonarbab - @kenzie @ashtonarbab


So, since I haven't been able to be on social these past months, I just noticed that BBY kenz has a makeup collection!! 💄 I'm so proud of your evolution @kenzie I can't believe it🤗🤗 Ik that I'm late but make sure to go on @lovekenziebeauty website and buy as much makeup as possible!💄💄💖💖😌 #lovekenziebeauty #kenzieziegler #kenziesfandom #makeup @kenzie @kenzie