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Today I used the Take me Back to Brazil pallet for the first time and I absolutely love it. @urbandecaycosmetics All Nighter Foundation @tartecosmetics Shape Tape Concealer @maybelline Loose setting powder @tartecosmetics Amazon Clay blush @maybelline fit be powder for bronzer/contour @anastasiabeverlyhills aurora pallet @kissproducts Lashes @ciatelondon eyeliner @eyeko lash alert mascara #jaclynhill #morphe #blingboss #morphexjaclynhill #morphexjaclynhillpalette #kylie #kyliejenner #naughtypallet #ciatelondon #eyekolashalert #makeup #makeuplook #eyes #eyelook #eyeliner #eyemakeup #love #nightout


Canada Goose is debuting the essential puffer for the urban explorer, called the Approach Jacket. Available in seven signature colors – four eye-catching neon hues 💗🧡💛💚and three classic shades – the palette was designed for high-visibility, born from the need to stand out against snow covered mountains. 🗻☃️❄️ @canadagoose @kyliejenner #approach18 #canadagoose #canadagoosejacket #kyliejenner #winterfashion #winterfashion #hkfashion


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🥀Just Hold On🥀 Part :- 30 --❁-----------------❁❁-----------------❁-- "M-Maddy?","You here again?! Go AWAY!?!","Please. I ne-need to know...How's (Y/N).....","YOU DON'T?!!", she tried to close the door but he stopped her by pushing it back. "I know I've made a mistake but that doesn't mean I can't get a second chance! You've to listen to me! I love her and I want her to know that!","Did you try to understand exactly the same th-","Shut up now! Let me get IN!", he cut her off and rushed to (Y/N)'s room. He was shocked as soon as he saw her lying on the bed. Her face is pale, her eyes seem like they've been dug into her skin. She got so much thinner, lost that old, beautiful curves of her body. She's also having breathing problems. He couldn't help but started crying at the pathetic sight and rushed towards her. "(Y/N)?", he caressed her cheek and hugged her. " I'm so sorry, (Y/N). I'm extremely sorry. I lo..love you..so much, believe me. I love you so so so much!", he


🥀 J'avais une vie inépuisable Comme un printemps se répandant dans les campagnes Mon coeur battait toujours vite Comme si ma poitrine était en feu Quand j'ai senti que je tombais amoureuse de toi J'ai compris combien je m'étais fatiguée Calmée, posée Comme une source se déversant dans la mer Tes mots sont l'apogée de la poésie On serait fou d'en aimer un autre que toi Ton visage est la plus belle des fleurs Tes yeux sont comme un pays inconnu Garde ta tête pour ma poitrine, mon amour Que mes mains se promènent dans tes beaux cheveux Puissions-nous un jour pleurer et rire Comme des sales gosses qui s'aiment... (Sabahattin Ali ♥️🥀) Çocuklar gibi The most beautiful sea:  hasn't been crossed yet. The most beautiful child:  hasn't grown up yet. Our most beautiful days:  we haven't seen yet. And the most beautiful words I wanted to tell you, I haven't said yet. (Nazim Hikmet) Cамое лучшее море:  то, где еще не плавал. Самый


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