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I didn't make it to the gym today but I did do an hour of guided strength and flexibility yoga thanks to YouTube. Great way to end a quiet weekend. -Kat #nevergiveup #focus #yoga #makeithappen #fitness


Are you Ready to Beat The Week? . Have something on your to-do list that doesn’t make a significant impact on the week? Move it down the list until the following week! . On crazy weeks set yourself up for success by limiting the demands you are putting on yourself. Life will go on even if those things don’t get done! #successfulwomen

Stamford, Connecticut

About a year ago I made a list and hung it on the wall next to my nightstand. It says: ✨Home in the snow ✨Money in savings ✨Jake freedom to pursue his dream job ✨Lead a team of coaches ✨Write a book . Today was one of those days that helped me see how far we’ve come. These *wishes* or *dreams* are coming true. 🙏 It’s not because we fell into some good luck over the past year. It’s because we decided what we wanted and we worked really hard to make it happen. . Shit works, you guys. You can make things happen. You can make your life what you want. It’s all about consistent action. Maybe it’s a 20 minute workout every single day. Or maybe it’s saving $10 each week. Baby steps are still steps in the right direction. . Now maybe apartment living isn’t exactly the home in the snow I envisioned but it’s a damn good stepping stone to that amazing place in my head. . Decide what’s on your list and write it down. Hang it somewhere you see it every single day and


. . You are amazing Lovely, share your magic with the world 💜💜💜 . . 📷 from @embrace the essence of life


Well this will be the last shingle job of the year. Manages to finish it off between rain and snow showers over the past week. Stripped the roof, ice and water along eaves and synthetic roof felt on entire roof, we also had to replace step flashings and added a trim board overtop of new step flashings. . . . . #roofing #snow #whiteonwhite #rain #fall2018 #construction #carpenter #woodisgood #great #hardwork #workhardplayhard #threehills #hustle #drive #makeithappen #shingle #steep #dontfall @dewalttough @bostitchtools @roofershelper #roof #new #straightlines #nailsonfleek #onpoint #jj #instapic #instagood

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Let go of last week's short comings and focus all of your energy on simply doing better. Remember, success is a result of progress - not perfection. You might not be exactly where you want to be yet, but so long as you keep moving forward, that's what matters. Happy Monday. #makeithappen⠀ -⠀ Image: @samuellathrop⠀⠀ MakeUp: @veravanguard⠀⠀ Hair: @boyslikered


Some limitations you place on yourself in your quest for success are self-taught. Or, you may have kept limitations learned in childhood from parents or school as fact and never attempted to break through them. To overcome these limitations, you have to develop some mind strategies that will help you learn your true potential and break out of the self-imposed box you’ve put yourself in. It can be done with some work and mind strategies to help you along. One strategy is to set your sights on doing better than those around you. For example, if your friends and coworkers are happy with a set paycheck and no hope for advancement, break out of the group and spend your time learning how to advance yourself – either in the job you have or an entirely new direction. Learn to control your thoughts. It takes practice, but when negative and self-doubting thoughts enter your mind, don’t let them take over. Talk back and don’t let those thoughts take you once again on the path of


Gotta stay on a mission in every way possible. Don't a "lack of" anything stop you from executing. Get to it. It's simple as that... #staymotivated #motivation #inspiredbylife #inspired #businessman #businesswoman #entrepreneurs #mindset #dontbedefeated #grind #makeithappen #onamissionent


Footies 🧦 Fire 🔥 and Football 🏈... #sundayvibes Here we go #steelers

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Hey NYC! There are only ✌️classes this week and YOU better be there! No better way to kick off a holiday week than being #highoffcardio 💦✨💪👟💜 Sign Up Link in Bio! #cardiosweatparty

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I ❤️ the climb, the grind, the doubt from others, the loneliness of my ambition, the lonely days when no one sees it, the push back, the questioning of my actions, the looks when I micro fail. . Wait till you see how this plays out! 💙💙💙💙💙 - Gary Vee . #alogives #garyvee #inspire #wait #growthmindset #thegame #theclimb #makeithappen #choices #monat #change #beyou #network


This list includes titles that I have found so relatable and rewarding to have read. A year ago my life and mental space was so different but I chose to seek out ways to help myself. I was just accepting my new role as my son’s sole provider. I was finding my way back to myself. It was a lot going on and two of these really impacted my way of thinking. Check these out if y’all need to get to a place of feeling worthy of love, joy, peace, or success. Self-development is necessary for living a fulfilling life.


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Me preguntaron que si quiero cambiar el mundo, y les respondí que cualquier cambio que quiera, primero tiene que empezar en mi. [Interiorízalo] 👌 . . . . . #buendomingo #nuncaestarde #makeithappen #doyou #thinkdifferent #believeinyourself #effort #november #igers #instagramers #nice #nicepic #fancy #redlips #shorthair #beauty #inspiration #inspirationalquotes