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Don’t know about you, but four humans stretched this belly beyond capacity. — The first time I was 22. When I was 21 I was 55kg and a size 8. — It took me a while to work out I loved my body. Now my body is catching up to my mind. — Body, mind, let me reintroduce you two. You used to be friends. — #doitforyou #littlethings #runridelaugh #marathontraining #mindset #loveyourbody #strongbodies #humanmakers #imadefourpeople


Have you saved the date? April 7! Run, jog, walk and roll with us at the 8th Annual #kaiserpermanente Running of the Elk. PC: @maggie.in.cali #joggerslife #marathontraining #inelkgrove @exploreelkgrove @elkgrovenewsnet @elkgrovetribune @elkgrovelagunaforums #elkgrove #iwasrunning


🚩 मान मराठी शान मराठी 🚩 ⏩ अश्याच मराठ मोळी अदा पाहण्यासाठी लगेच फोलो करा.... . ⏩Post आवडल्यास Follow करा . . . ➡@aamhi marathi 96k ♥ @aamhi marathi 96k ➡ @aamhi marathi 96k ❤ @aamhi marathi 96k ➡ @aamhi marathi 96k ❤ @aamhi marathi 96k ➡ @aamhi marathi 96k ❤ @aamhi marathi 96k ➡ @aamhi marathi 96k ❤ @aamhi marathi 96k ➡ @aamhi marathi 96k ♥ @aamhi marathi 96k @aamhi marathi 96k ▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪ #aamhi marathi 96k .. #aamhi marathi 96k . Must follow :--- ➡ आवडल्यास Mention करुन Story मध्ये Share करा. ➡ तुमच्या post पेज वर upload करायच्या असल्यास DM  करा. ➡ पोस्ट आवडल्या तर like comment follow करत रहा. ➡ DM for Pic


#repost from @jabarinternationalmarathon with @regram.app ... 12 Hari menuju Jabar International Marathon Guys! Kapan lagi mengikuti event international yang diikuti oleh banyak peserta dari berbagai daerah di Indonesia dan Luar negri. Langsung segera Registrasikan dirimu udi Jabar International Marathon 2018. . Ayo segera registrasi sekarang juga. Untuk registrasi silahkan langsung ke : . . *Register online : www.jabarmarathon.com . . *Register Offline : - Bandung Jln. Pacuan Kuda No.140 Sukamiskin, Kota Bandung. (WA, SMS, Telepon) : 081222333831 . . . - Pangandaran My Pangandaran Tours & Travel Jln. Tol Boulevard Depan Taman Sunset Pantai Barat Pangandaran Office : 0265.7502225 HP : 082282960777 . . . . - Tasikmalaya Sekretariat Atletik Stadion Dadaha Kota Tasimalaya HP : 085222782433 . . - Ciamis Jln. RE Martadinata No.150 Ciamis Kampus Universitas Galuh HP : 081322535624 . Organize By : @disporajabar #jabarinternationalmarathon #jim Marathon #marathontraining


Runners need to wear the most suitable shoes for their feet. Click on our bio link to see the reviews of the Best Running Shoes for Men and Women 2019! 👆🏻🏃🏃‍♀️


My very first 10k race in 2014 (after almost 20 years without running) Little did I knew that marathon training and races will win over my life...It has taken me much; but in return has also rewarded me with something that time will tell...So far this year is over for me; failed big in becoming a better runner... This is not a #rantoverspilledmilk or #tbt of some sort...but a reminder of how I've always treated running: beloved and respected; still need to find the pure joy about it. Marathon requires all your attention, passion and potential at it; will suck any moment you have, reminding you to fuel, hydrate, recover, rest and train as it always take a toll on you... Still have a long training week with a still hard schedule and feeling already the moody blues prior to taper... I've tried to document in a honest way all my training runs and workouts during these 2 marathon tune up cycles; injured happened and took me 3 weeks off, so it's not an excuse, but after that it has become


💜💜💜 i say who i am. i say what i believe. • • • i say if i’m strong. i say if i’m weak. i say if i’m ready. i say if i’m done. • • • i say how big i can dream. i say what my story will bring. ⚡️⚡️⚡️ #road2cim #runfolsom #gogarzgo #runaretesac #marathontraining #runhappy #cimtoboston #borntorunfree #irunthisbody

Ángel de la Independencia

———— A statement of freedom — At battlefield there aren’t winners or losers... every single person that is involved in a battle puts so much energy to prevail and that becomes a way of living... surviving... • Surviving is an instinct and that means you are doing things because is the way to keep on breathing and just doing the necessary things to keep delivering the hour like a clock... • I don’t blame anybody who lives like that and going beyond... those kind of moments teaches lessons that can inspire the future of yourself... the thing is to accept that we lost, embrace it and then recover... • Scars are forever as so the lessons but the resilience also teaches how to dream again and brighten up the sky when the moment comes... • Stop fighting yourself... and change direction of your life... • —————————— A year ago I found myself in the greatest battle of my life fighting against someone who is rotten inside and with a brutal need of


Thanks to @runwithraq for joining me on my tempo run this evening. We crushed it! Planned for 5, we put out 6! 💪🏾 #marathontraining #azrunner #momswhorun #strongerstrides #runwithfriends @cadencerunningcompany


Come and run with @kilianjornet 🏃🏻⛰✅

Ruston Way Waterfront

Lovely evening run along the water. Love stretching and cooling down on the dock afterwards! 🏃‍♀️


6 treadmill miles and 30 min core tonight ! One more day to my work week then it’s time to enjoy the long weekend🙌🏼💪🏻