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After 3 days Im finally done,Owen is so freaking hard to draw especially the hair,Jesus,IT WAS WORTH IIIT!! #owenteague #patrickhockstetter #it #doodles #art


Since my 🅱️oi is under rated as fuck- Imma make a trash edit. Also I screamed when I found out that BOTH MY HUSBANDS ARE GONNA BE IN THE SAME MOVIE AOWBSISMAJAAI okay bye. - - - Audio: Do I wanna know?// Arctic Monkeys - - - Tags: @nickytorchia #nickytorchia #blackmirror #blackmirroredit #arkangel #blackmirrorarkangel #owenteague


‘s edit 𝓃𝑜 𝒹𝒾𝑔𝑔𝒾𝓉𝓎 ac/ib: miketozierx | cc: me overlays: stvlxs, lqvoly pc: vstransitions vspresetsz dt: tagged + whoever else wants one


I had a crush on a teacher I had during my last two years of high school. Don't @ me with judgement on how it's wrong & whatnot, I know all that shit. It's not like I woke up one day in 2016 & went: 'Hmm, let me mind fuck my teacher 'cause it's illegal & I wanna go to mind prison.' Bitch, no. It first started with me being attracted to him & then BAM! Feels got involved & I got fucked over. Anyway, We had what the internet has so rightfully I dubbed as a; Flirtationship. No, for once I wasn't reading too much into things & obsessing over small gestures. People who saw us interact & heard us speak to one another, pointed it out to me. They would say that he'd keep glancing at me with a smile & I'd do the same to him. But honestly? Doubt. 'Cause I look like a melting potato & he was cute as fuck, so, logic? Besides, my flirting with guys means being snarky & sarcastic. So unless that's a turn on for him, I was a pain in the ass. Sorry my guy, I was such a bitch student with an attitude


Owen and nicholas are awesome icons no doubt they are... • • • What is your favorite fruits • •song call get on your knees by nicki minaj and Arianna grande • Me Any kind #bowersgang #bowersgangedit #it1990 #itmovie #it2017 #it1990 #like4like #patrickhockstetteredit #henrybowersedit #henrybowers #patrickhockstetter #owenteague #nichamilton #owenteagueedit #nichamiltonedit @nicholas.hamilton @realowenteague


It 2017 was surprisingly really good! I can’t wait for chapter 2 😋