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Alright so... I finally saw La La Land last night. And I got to say, I really liked it! Damien Chazelle did a great job writing and directing it! Visuals were beautiful, as always. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling had great chemistry in this and worked great together! Music, soundtrack and singing were really good. I noticed how Whiplash had a lot of influence on this movie and that’s amazing. I don’t think I really had any problems with it. I understand why it’s considered as the most overrated movie of 2016. But I liked it. I might give it an 8.5/10 #lalaland #damienchazelle #emmastone #ryangosling #whiplash #2016 #movie #music #soundtrack #musical #oscars #overrated


#new | Jake photographed at City Center's 75th Anniversary Gala Celebration on November 14, 2018 in New York City 💙


Aufheiterungsmusik für Mama, wenn die Kinder krank sind 😫. #lalaland #emmastone #bestmusic #loveit #besterfilm #ryangosling #love


First Man (Damien Chazelle, 2018). "Somebody got a Swiss army knife?" asks at one point a technician before the launch of Apollo 11, in order to tighten a screw that had loosened. That's the highest expression of the strenght of man's technology back then: the XX Century Man, the "man on the moon", relies on terribly perishable and materic components. Chazelle wants to strongly represent a world apart, made of launches inside small and full of cables cabins, incredibly analogic, creating a magnificent effect of "Vintage Future". And in this film, always made of narrow and tight spaces and very early oppressive close ups, the question that Armstrong receives from his son before leaving for the Moon is simple and terrible: "Will you feel alone up there?". A film about the man Neil Armstrong, before the first man on the moon Neil Armstrong. A story of a father and a daughter, a daughter for whom he couldn't defeat death, but for whom he conquered space. With Ryan Gosling and Claire


Picture of the day📸,From the movie crazy stupid love 🎥🎞❤ Have a nice day!!!!!!❣❣ #ryangosling #crazystupidlove #stevecarell #emmastone #hollywood #oscars


Хочу тоже не иметь проблем. Вообще)))😉 #ryangosling #noproblems


Keep on talking about the #drive scene shot on the banks of the LA River. In my previous post you have read it was Ryan's idea to shot there. Also @nwrefn had something to say about the place: “I was trying to figure out what kind of places [Driver] would take Irene and Benicio, and Ryan told me that the L.A. River was an interesting arena. So we went there, and then he told me about the oasis of green. I found one, and it was perfect. He knows L.A. extremely well.” . . #ryangosling #nicolaswindingrefn


El único café que necesitamos en la mañana ☕️ ••• #coffee #morning #cosmopolitan #ryangosling