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Life update: my boyfriend and I decided to go back to being friends. I am relieved. I do not like dating. #starwars #kyloren #rey #reylo #thelastjedi #starwarsthelastjedi #tlj #lucasfilm


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Generally I don't make these kinda post, but back when Star Wars The Last Jedi came out I remember just absolutely hating it. I remember my childhood just being ruined. I remember how angry I was that I didn't get the story I thought I was going to get. Or the story that I wanted. Upon numerous thoughts on this movie I think that this film is an over looked movie. The movie starts out great. Giving us an intense battle and sets up not only our main plot but even a subplot for other chracters. Now I'm not gonna say that this movie was flawless. The little casino side plot and the forced relationship between Rose and Finn just didnt work. I kinda wish they would have killed Leia when they first had the chance. I was actually okay with it. Overall the filks focus is good. I think the development of Luke Skywalker was very well done. I think it was just weird for all of us. Last time we seen Luke we seen him trying to save his father and the ultimate ruler for the Rebellion. I think that


#starwarsthelastjedi was a blockbuster, but it didn’t do so well with the audience giving it a score of 85% #filmgraderstarwarsthelastjedi


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It’s time for the jedi... ... to make another collab - BIRTHDAY COLLAB So yeah, today it’s my birthday. Now I’m official 17 🎉 Thank you all for joining this collab, and yes these are my fav characters. (And yeah that’s Adam Driver at the end.) Part 1: Anakin Skywalker (SW)- @gladas.mp4 Part 2: Kylo Ren (SW)- @reylo.mp4 Part 3: Rick Grimes (twd) - @darthvader.mp4 Part 4: Jack Sparrow (potc) - @ephemvris Part 5: Negan (twd) - @codys.fern Part 6: Adam Sackler (girls) - me Part 7: Captain Salazar (potc) - @mp4 editss Part 8: Joker (DC)- @scifi editz Part 9: Pennywise (it 2017) - @kylorxn.mp4 Part 10: Adam Driver - @ohdriver