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Missoula, Montana

The gangs all here. Quartz, antler tip, coyote claw, coyote teeth and copper. . Listed on toothandtalonjewelry.com link in bio . . . . . #toothandtalonjewelry #coyote #teeth #earring #claw #quartz #crystals #montana #handmade #gold #brass #copper #missoula #shine #bling #gangstershit #sparkle #stevie


Episode 9!! Carl’s Funeral. Funerals 👏🏼 Singing 👏🏼 Hookups 👏🏼 Questionable Deaths 👏🏼 ........ Pilfer a few sandwiches, grab a drink and have a laugh! 😉


“Just as time knew to move on since the beginning And the seasons know exactly when to change Just as kindness knows no shame Know through all your joy and pain That I'll be loving you always” 🎹 Stevie Wonder, As 🎹 If I could only listen to one artist the rest of my life I think he would be it.


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#entrance #stevie”neo”walker #whataday #🥊🥊 #nevergiveup this is my entrance music to my 2nd fight 🥊 #110 #undefeated


Тут сегодня у этого черного мужика День Рождения. Как - никак юбилей. Вот уже 10 ему исполнилось!)) #ДР #юбилей #кот #stevie #steviewonder #Стивен


Stevie Nicks STAND BACK. #stevie NICKS #fleet WITHWOOD MAC #jackfm


Some quick late night gesture sketchin 🖊


I’m really missing my bestfriend and little extra right now and there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about you brotha or when I get something cool or want to go do something your the first person I think of because you were always the first person I would call or text to come check it out or go do it with me hell half the time your ass was with me when I got something new lol I wish I was a little more careful with my phones and shit I took pictures with back in the day cause I know I had a ton of pictures and videos of are dumbasses doing all kinds of shit and I wish I could go back and look at them and laugh while I’m fighting back my tears and saying to myself how stupid we were and look up and tell you I miss your punk ass and that I’m mad at you for leaving everybody so soon you were suppose to be and old ass man with me doing stupid shit while are kids and grandkids yell at us saying we are going to break a fucking hip if we keep fucking around and stop


This little guy turns 2 today! He’s quite happy to attack you at a moments notice, regularly mimic a deer and a dog and will only cuddle when you’re alone. He’s beyond words! #stevie #mrbrau #birthday