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"I still can't believe you're going with flash!" Peter yelled, "well I didn't have a date and he asked me!" "Come on y/n! You could've come with Liz and I!" "And third wheel, yeah I don't think so!" I yelled back, "But Flash is literally the worst!” I could tell that Peter was getting really pissed by his red face and popping vein so I decided to change the subject. "sooooo did I tell you that I met Captain America!" "Whoa whoa whoa, when, where, and how?" "Last week When I was walking home Some creepy dude tried to attack me. No big deal." I say "You should've told me. Sooner!" "No, because I knew you would freak out. Hey do you know the guy?" "Yeah, I stole his shield, But if you told me i would've known okay right away. because I trust him. you know I care for you right? I just want to protect you and make you're safe." "Aww, thanks, Peter. I know you care I promise I will tell you if I'm ever not okay." When y/n finishes saying that she smiles and grabs my hand man... I think