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The worst part when sitting in the bar is when Shila is needed somewhere down the bar to bring new drinks and I lose her in all of the people. Then I just sit there awkwardly staring at my drink, not  knowing what to do with myself. Exactly that moment is now. I kind of regret that I came here in the first place. I just could've said no but Rose isn't that smart, is she? She just gets her introverted ass dragged into a bar to sit there and do nothing but getting a little bit drunk. I would have let out a grunt but what would the guy next to me have thought? Not even Shila's girlfriend Jamie is here, she has some kind of meeting but I didn't really listen to her. Anyway, there comes Shila, back up the bar, heading directly for me. Her long dark hair is floating down her back and reaches far below her orange crop top, that she paired with black high-waisted jeans and black boots. Her perfect hips rock from right to left as she comes hurrying towards me. When she reaches me she