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Tel Aviv, Israel

Another 🚵‍♀️ trainer session is in the books. My goal is to be a monster on the bike by July’s Ironman in Austria 🇦🇹. Let’s see what I can do. #betrue #triathlete #triathlon #ironman #ironmantraining #race #training #men #triathlonlife #instatri #instalife #instahappy #life #happy #world #bike #cycling #tri #swimbikerun


It’s what you do in the dark that puts you into the light. #tryatleastportugal #bicycle #bicycle training #swimbikerun #triathlete #triathlon world


Looking forward to racing the @2xutriathlonseries this weekend! See you out there ⚡️ 📸 WCC


“Ever tried. Ever failed. No Matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” . . #triathlon #triathlontraining #swimbikerun #swim #bike #run #triathlete #training #racing #race #sport #fitness #exercise #running #runner #ultrarunning #miles #personaltrainer @codefitnessuk @totalsportsandsupplements @sundried

Playa Blanca, Canarias, Spain

Morning Motivation : Exercise Doesn’t Take Away From Your Life. It Adds Quality To It. Prioritise It Daily. Do you find yourself making excuses about exercise and why you can’t fit it in regularly? Do you nearly look at it as something your trying to fit in but most of the time it will get in the way of other things so it drops down the pecking order? This is a big mistake as exercise needs to be a priority daily for everyone. Exercise should be a foundational daily habit. It adds huge quality to your life not just in making your body feel better and having less pains and being more mobile but it positively impacts mood and happiness. When you exercise you feel good. You destress. You feel positive about yourself. Exercise is not something to “try” and fit in. It should be a priority. Make it so today and every day. I hope this was helpful. Leave a comment below and let me know. Join me LIVE at 8am UK/Ire Monday to Friday for Morning Motivation and at 9pm UK/Ire Monday

Lake Pukaki

Post number 400! Day 1 of A2O (58km) from Lake Tekapo to Twizel today was simply stunning. The scenery surrounding us the entire ride was breathtaking and a day of riding I will always remember. So grateful to have people to share my passion with as it makes the experience all that much better. @decaz and myself have already ridden around the Big Island of Hawaii together and now in the process of completing the A2O. I know this is a friendship that will take us far and wide around the world and I couldn’t be more grateful for it. So excited about the next few days riding this incredible trail.


Ну все Венгрию посмотрел, еще вернусь обязательно. А дальше я держу свой путь в Словакию. #путешествиетриатлета #triathlete #осеннийотпуск #евротрип #молодожены #последам #орелирешка #венгрия #будапешт


Wenn du aufgibst wirst du die wissen, ob du es schaffen konntest oder nicht.


Refuel and recover! 🙌🏻 I’m an early bird when it comes to training but that also means I am usually rushing around after my session to get to work and it can be over 2 hours before I get to eat breakfast! 😵 Whilst some studies have shown that the idea of the “anabolic window” where your body needs refuelling within 30 mins of training is a little overcooked, I did feel like I was leaving it too long before my body was getting what it needed to start recovering properly! Enter @scienceinsport REGO! Whilst it probably is better to eat “real foods”, I need something fast and portable and this is perfect to plug the gap between training and a proper breakfast so I am getting in the carbs, protein and other vits and minerals needed 🤗 The taste is good and I am definitely feeling the benefit with a faster turnaround between sessions 👌🏻 also there is currently 50% off on the SIS website which I went mad for as I love a bargain 🤑 I realise this sounds like a


#repost @iron man t with @get repost ・・・ Ironman 70.3 Malaysia - raced.. And supported somewhat 🤯 .  32 min🏊‍♂️Washing machine with loads of traffic and leg grabbers - maybe they just like my smooth shaved legs.. Hmm..🙄 .  3hr 🚴‍♂️Slippery and saw many athletes on the ground, like playing slide in a water park. Heavy rain n cross winds made it more dangerous.  Wasted 10-15 min waiting for mechanic to fix mechanical issue. But it was nice to wave at people 👋👋hence support 😁 .  1hr53min 🏃‍♂️Good and interesting - Chasing a target is fun! Gave it all and catching up but alas, I ran out of real estate in the end.😩 Happy as managing to hold sub 2 runs these days with negative split💪💪 thanks coach @khimbok .  Congratulations to @chiayongwei for PB (too bloody strong) and Alexander Li (aka Jose Mourinho) for pipping me.. Basket..👻 .  And congrats to all finishers and those involved w #bokcoaching and #tcoaching - vignesh


-1°C short #trailrunning ... was für ein morgen🥰 unglaublich schön, so macht das laufen noch mehr Spaß! Heute meine 3 Trainingseinheit dieser Woche , nur kurze 5,3 km in den Bergen 🗻Euch einen schönen Mittwoch! . . #triathlon #swimbikerun #ironman #triathlete #cycling #tri #bike #running #triathlontraining #run #swimming #training #fitness #trilife #ironmantraining #swim #triathlonlife #world #runner #cyclinglife #roadbike #ironmantri #ironmantriathlon #garmin #sport #strava #switzerland #morgenrot #wakeup


✏️ Name : Romain GUILLOUX 🇫🇷 🌐 Insta Account : @romain guilloux 💥 Club : ASAEC Coetquidant 🏅 ITU World Ranking : ❌ ⏱ Latest Result : Vice champion d’Europe Xterra catégorie 20/24 ans ⛰Preferred Distance : Triathlon S / Cross triathlon M 📸 Pic’ : ❌ 💬 : ❌ ➖ ➖ ➖ 📆 Date : 21/11/2018 ➖ ➖ ➖ Un jour, un triathlète français ! Rejoignez - nous ! 🏊‍♂️ 🚴‍♀️🏃‍♂️ #triathlonlove #thisistriathlon #triathlonrace #triathlonofficial #swimbikerun #triathlons #triathlontrainning #triathlete #triathlonteam #swim #bike #run #frenchtriathlete #frenchtriathletes #frenchtriathlon #nevergiveup #hexatriathlon

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

We just can’t say no to new adventures!🤷‍♀️😁❤️ In one month 7 ASICS Front Runner women from 7 different countries, will run together - from Coast to Coast in the Arab World. From Dubai to Oman, from Desert to dry Mountains - in an exciting, thrilling and challenging route with minimum support! 🙌 4 day run, in average #marathon per day! They will camp in the nature (desert & mountain) and will interact with the local Emirati and Omani local population to explore the Arabian culture during their amazing experience. - - Lets welcome this awesome team of ASICS Front Runners: - Our representative from Dubai ... - Meryl (UAE - Dubai) - 🇦🇪 - 🌎 ... and from MEA: - Carina (Germany) 🇩🇪 Floriane (France) 🇫🇷 Manon (The Netherlands) 🇳🇱 Holly (UK) 🇬🇧 Marta (Spain) 🇪🇸 Reegan (South Africa) 🇿🇦 - Follow them on ASICS Front Runner IG @asicsfrontrunner page and their own Instagram profiles to get to know all the details of their