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Petra, Ma`An, Jordan

🇯🇴 #world #wonder - #petra; #jordan 🧘🏽‍♂️ #breathtaking #spot... even though #indianajones almost destroyed it all. 😂 One couldn’t believe, that the place was flooded only a week ago, when water level was reaching almost 5 meeters... 🍻 One of the first #settled #places of the #acient times. #travelling #middleeast #loveatthefirstsight #arab #czech #lion #lionsontour #twolions #lvicstvi #love 💜


"Begin at the beginning" the King said. There's no wonderland without the sea and this is my beginning. · · · #wonder #rome #sea #sun #sunday

Fitzroy Island

Living my childhood dream of being a mermaid. 🐚 (well sorta)


The Qur'an says that hearts rust just like iron and I wonder if itʼs because of the haemoglobin in our blood that the process happens when touched by water. Water, according to science, makes up sixty percent of my body which is probably the reason why the fire in my heart does not survive. Maybe this liquid state is whatʼs making me flow from high to low low to lower and lower to lowest taking shapes of everything Iʼm poured into and everything thatʼs poured into me creating an identity through a mould. Rust associates by the name iron mould and iron, the Qur'an and science say, comes from the stars. Modern poets tell me that stardust runs in my veins that Iʼm a space child that I've got the universe inside me. According to Hubbleʼs law, the universe is constantly expanding and Iʼm guessing Iʼve been occupying more space than Iʼve been allocated. I mean this void is too large and my organs seem like distant planets floating in a galaxy thatʼs unknown to me. I mean that at


Good Morning, Everyone... Blessed to see another Healthy Day... Let me get a like #homeimprovement done... Wishing a Beautiful Day to ALL of You!!! #wonder #neverworry

Где-То Во Вселенной

Итак! Сегодня день мэловинаторов! Именно в этот день, год назад Мэл назвал своих фанов " Melovinators ". Я безумно благодарна судьбе, за то ,что она меня связала не только с потрясающим человеком @melovin official , но и с множеством офигенных людей! Нас тысячи. Не зря именно фан-база Мэловина считается самой большой в Украине. Это не только заслуга Мэла , но и всей команды @big house melovin1 ! • • • • • • • • • • @kozubartem @dasha ptashnik @kostyasolo @arkhipovbass @stas farvater @oleg zhelezko @pianistartem @svetapankova @lukavovk @nastyapolishchuk Именно Вы объединили всех нас! И я Вам безумно благодарна за это! • • • • • •


Autumn... The Year’s last, loveliest smile. 🍂🍁☀️ #falling #love #colors #leaves #parlamidifoglie #wonder