arcadien73 @arcadien73

@lorenzol66 👍👍 - good to see people with a sense of humour and who can get a banter

J. Montano @jayy__astro

Big facts❗️

Toby Maka @tmaka007

@lil_miss_hk 🙏🏽


I'm not even a fighter and I never understood why people talked so much shit online. It seems so cowardly. If you got nothin' nice or constructive to say, keep that shit to yourself.

Jonny Paradise @jonnyparadise_

You're a "professional".. act like it.. have some discipline!.. it's what comes with the game

Richy Mack @mackrichy

I’d like to do that but your not aloud but in the dojo!!!! It’s fair game between haters and hatees


Damn for real


for no reason just attacking people #trolling